Southwest Harbor February 2017

Posted by on Feb 13, 2017 in Places

Mother nature came with a vengeance this week delivering back to back storms and blizzard conditions. Up until a few days ago, it had snowed only once and just a few inches. My snowshoes felt neglected. I've learned however that just because it hasn't snowed doesn't mean it won't snow. And blow, and drift, and snow some more. To get the pictures I shot today, I first had to exit my front door which was easier said than done (first thumbnail below). Accompanied by my adventurous wife Janice, I then walked down my street, Forest Avenue, went south on Main Street, down Clark Point Road to the end and back again. If you live here you'll recognize the path we took. If you've never been, well come visit - it's lovely here!

I took these pictures with my old Canon 5D Mark II DSLR and a Canon 40mm pancake lens. I shot the panorama below handheld - five vertical frames - and stitched it using Lightroom. During post-processing of these images I made heavy use of Lightroom's dehaze feature (located on the Effects panel) to compensate for the heavy weather conditions. See my blog for other winter photos that I shot here on Mount Desert Island.

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