High Surf at Seawall

Posted by on Mar 4, 2018 in Places

Seawall is a section of Acadia National Park located on the western side of Mount Desert Island. The park’s Seawall campground, picnic area, and scenic roadway that runs right along the water are the main attractions. A seawall is usually a man-made wall or embankment erected to prevent the sea from encroaching on or eroding an area of land, but this Seawall is natural. Designed by God long ago, today it protects the road, but not during a big storm as you can see in the pictures below that I shot with my iPhone 7. You see those foolish people in the photo at bottom right? The same thing happen to me while standing at the location of the photo at bottom left. The icy water swept across the road while I was shooting and came up to my ankles.