The Lantern Walk

Posted by on Nov 16, 2013 in Event, People

Last night the Southwest Harbor Library on Mount Desert Island held a Lantern Walk. "As the days start to grow shorter we start to think about light and ways we can celebrate it. A lantern walk is an observance of the changing season." In preparation for this event, all were invited to come to the library the Thursday before to make lanterns. Janice was there as a volunteer helping the children glue colored paper onto tall glass wide mouth jars. On Friday, participants met at 5:00 PM at the High Road parking lot in Southwest Harbor and walked down Causeway Lane with lanterns lit. Then, aided by the glow of a full moon, they carefully navigated the path down to the water and gathered on the rocks for some storytelling before heading back. Janice and I tagged along with the hope of getting some pictures that captured the feel of this magical evening. I used the Canon 5DMK2 mounted on a tripod with a Canon 24-70mm lens at f/2.8. I exposed the woods images for 5 seconds at ISO 6400. The large image below needed only a 2 second exposure at ISO 1600 thanks to the moonlight.

Lantern Walk

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