Morris Memorial Regatta

Posted by on Aug 3, 2014 in Event, Sailing

Morris Memorial Regatta

The sixth annual Tom Morris Memorial Regatta was hosted today by the MDI Community Sailing Center (MDICSC) and the Northeast Harbor Sailing School (NEHSS), the event is a fundraiser for the MDICSC and NEHSS scholarship programs. I photographed the race from a chase boat piloted by MDICSC director Glenn Squires. Also on board was Joe Keeney of 4 Rotor Filming who shot some incredible video from a drone. Check it out here.

The regatta is a pursuit race open to all Crusing and Racing class keel boats of 20 feet length overall and up. Differences in boat speed determine the staggered start. Slower boats go first and the fastest boats start last. The first boat to cross the finish line wins. The boats started in the Great Harbor of Mount Desert Island, Maine, raced around Great and Little Cranberry Islands and Baker Island, and finished in Northeast Harbor.


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