I shot the images in this gallery with an iPhone 5S and processed them on that same phone or on an iPad. Average time spent on each image: about 5 minutes. Until recently I mostly used my phone as a recording device, and occasionally as a camera when my big, heavy, and complex DSLR was not hanging around my neck. Then I met Sam Krisch and saw the amazing images he was creating with just his phone and a few apps. He encouraged me to use my phone as way to help me see better and unleash my creativity without the inherent distractions of the big and heavy pro camera gear that I normally use. The iPhone camera is so simple that the only thing you really need to concentrate on is what's in the frame.

I call the large image below "Walking on Water" and I shot it using my phone's panorama feature. Echo Lake was frozen solid, but on this day, snow on top of the ice had melted, leaving the surface covered with about an inch of water. Thus, the reflections of the mountains and clouds are in the water, but I was standing in the middle of the lake when I took the picture! I had not gone out that day to take pictures, but because I had my phone with me, I was able to get this image which is one of my favorites. Thanks Sam for turning me on to this alternate form of photography.

Echo Lake Frozen Acadia National Park  

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